I started a small online business 5 years ago.  As with many small business owners I did everything from doing sales work to building my web site to doing accounting.  Since my business has continued to grow my available time has dwindled and my realization that my accounting skills were weak forced me into doing something different.  Through word of mouth I contacted Linda and had her begin getting my books in order.

I have been very happy and quite satsified with, not only her abilities to keep the day to day books for me, but she had to go back and straighten out the mess that I handed her.  (No easy task).

Linda has also been a leader in streamlining my systems and making all aspects of the paperwork flow much easier.  I have received comments from our vendors about how much more professional our bill paying process looks and works.

Linda is very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her to other business owners looking for accounting help.  She is competent, professional and very reliable.

Craig @ WCOR